Crochet Madness

My goodness, what a crazy week it has been! I don’t know what bit me, but crocheting is suddenly the most amazing thing ever. I first learned how to crochet back in junior high or high school, I can’t remember, but I do remember my mom taught me. I remember her making doilies and me trying very hard to just get my chains the same size. Once I got the hang of it, I would bring my yarn work to school and I actually sold a scarf or two to classmates. As soon as I started college, my time with yarn was over.

Eight years or so have passed and I have rediscovered how fun, creative, and soothing crocheting is.

My first crochet project was a simple flower from a site that I regret I didn’t bookmark. It was a great project to start with. I made a bunch of them and stitched them together to make a scarf. Only problem is, I should have used a softer yarn. It will be saved until I have a project I can reuse the yarn in.

My next project was a hat. My husband and I were in Flagstaff for the weekend and I wanted a hat to keep my head warm. I searched YouTube and found the Crochet Geek with her puff stitch hat. ( The resulting hat turned out better than I thought it would, considering it was the first time I’d ever used the puff stitch.

After that, I poked around Crochet Pattern Central to find a new project. I went into the amigurumi section and found a great pattern for an octopus. The octopus now lives in my husband’s cubicle at work. The I-cords that make up the tentacles were frustrating since they were knitted using a technique I had never attempted before and I couldn’t keep all the stitches even. Despite the challenges, the octopus was fairly simple and quick to complete. This octopus will most likely be attempted again; I’ll try to look for a different way to make the tentacles.

And just yesterday, I made an amigurimi elephant. Elephants are my favorite animal; it’s only natural I would make one for myself. This pattern came from the Lion Brand Yarn website, was pretty quick and simple to crochet, except for the end when I had to sew the legs and ears to the body. There were no specific instructions on how to sew the pieces together so I had to wing it and hope for the best. I have no sewing experience and I probably should have researched best practices on how to sew pieces together, but I was too impatient and too excited to care. This will also be attempted again in the future with more care going into the sewing. I think the elephant is the favorite so far. It’s amazing how such cute things can make a person joyfully squeal so much.

My current project is a granny square slipper pattern from Crochet Today. We’ll see how those turn out.