WIP: Baseball Newborn Hat

I’m still working on that baseball newborn hat… it is proving to be quite the endeavor. I had started out using Lion Brand’s Baby’s First Yarn. It was a chunkier yarn and as I knitted the hat, I really didn’t like how big the stitches looked. So I went over to one of the local yarn shops in my area, Jessica Knits, and bought some Rowan handknit cotton. I am much more satisfied with the smaller stitches. Now, I’m working on the red stitching (red ribbon) to make it look like a baseball. The hat was easy, this red stitching is testing my patience and skill. I find myself having to take breaks and return to it (at least) a few hours later; perhaps it is my complete inexperience with embellishing my work with ribbon, the lack of a pattern to follow, the ribbon itself or a combination of all three. All I know is that I will be so happy to have the red stitching done! If you have any advice on how to make the red stitching easier, please let me know. I’ve been eyeballing where to put the stitches so that it looks as even as possible. I’m trying to stay optimistic. I know the completed hat will be adorable– it’s just the journey getting there that I have to get through. Here’s the progress so far:



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