WIP: Baseball Newborn Hat

I’m still working on that baseball newborn hat… it is proving to be quite the endeavor. I had started out using Lion Brand’s Baby’s First Yarn. It was a chunkier yarn and as I knitted the hat, I really didn’t like how big the stitches looked. So I went over to one of the local yarn shops in my area, Jessica Knits, and bought some Rowan handknit cotton. I am much more satisfied with the smaller stitches. Now, I’m working on the red stitching (red ribbon) to make it look like a baseball. The hat was easy, this red stitching is testing my patience and skill. I find myself having to take breaks and return to it (at least) a few hours later; perhaps it is my complete inexperience with embellishing my work with ribbon, the lack of a pattern to follow, the ribbon itself or a combination of all three. All I know is that I will be so happy to have the red stitching done! If you have any advice on how to make the red stitching easier, please let me know. I’ve been eyeballing where to put the stitches so that it looks as even as possible. I’m trying to stay optimistic. I know the completed hat will be adorable– it’s just the journey getting there that I have to get through. Here’s the progress so far:



WIP Wednesday

Just wanted to share something I am working on: a TARDIS iPhone sleeve! I seem to be preferring my knitting needles lately and for this TARDIS experiment, I think it works best. This is my “first draft.” After this one, I’ll be adding more recognizable details.


Weekend Update

What an exciting and tiring week! The kids at work kept me busy all week, I had lots of knit and crochet projects, and I just bought and started reading the e-course “Dream Job” from Red Velvet (recommended by Cornflower Blue Studio— thank you!). I’m super excited about changes that are happening at my job. Our school district is encouraging the integration of personal mobile devices into the classroom. I’ve been working with some of the kids using my iPhone and my laptop to play learning games, practice their handwriting, etc. The kids love it and we (the teacher I work with and I) love it because they’re having fun while learning.

Projects-wise, I finished the headband/ear warmer for the soccer player. I wrote the pattern down, which is a first for me, when I worked on the lighter blue one. This was a blessing in disguise– it sped up the process of making this one. It turned out to be pretty cute: (Pardon my bad hair…)

The baseball beanie I’ve been working on has proved to be more challenging than I expected. I think I’ve knitted the entire hat and completely frogged it at least twice. Thank goodness the beanie is small. I still haven’t tackled the red stitching at all since I’ve been trying to get the basic beanie perfected. I finally decided to go buy some 16″ circular needles so I wouldn’t have to sew two ends together. That was a good idea. I’ll post pictures soon of the finished project.

The most exciting part of my week was starting the Dream Job e-course. I’ve mentioned that I want to start an Etsy business soon and I’ve decided I want to be a full-time crafter. It may take months, maybe even years for me to get to that point, but that’s what I want to do. Making this decision, I want to play it smart and do as much research and prepare as well as I can to make sure my business will be the best that it can be. The tricky part is still working full time while trying to start a business. But since I work in education, I may be able to use my summer break to get all kinds of things done.